Wingman Hire

Let's face it, the same-sex is not a perfect wingman for these reasons:

  • Conflict of interest occurs.
  • Bitching happens.
  • Your-will not theirs.
  • Free is never obligated.

Private and confidential (on my part).

I am not available for intimate relationships and I would rather not be used to aggravate someone in love, committed or obsessed with a woman. If you have such concerns then please let me know so I can bring an assistant who will not even know our arrangement.

As an entrepreneur with a reputation worth keeping and a personal brand that is under major investments. My biggest interest is to keep you happy and safe by having your back.

You already know the benefits of having a professional wingman, here is the list of things I can draw upon very quickly and easily for your convenience:

  • Clean, small and fairly new car
  • Combat defence if necessary
  • A minibus if that makes sense
  • A van if that makes sense