Choose Gabriel Topman Because

  • Strategic and valuable contributions

    Recommending: one trusted associate per industry.

    • Affiliate deals
    • Reseller deals
    • Distribution deals
    • Presentation service
  • I add value to everything

    I like being part of the solution and not the problem. Let us tackle that problem together:

    • I have practised knowledge
    • Offer hands-on support
    • Very focussed/objective
    • Love solving problems
  • Problem solving business analist

    Discernment is no joke in a world of liers. The reason you don't have to worry about training me is that I need to contribute to stay relevant and important. I won't stand around waiting for a chance to slack (not me).

    • I review data
    • Check for patterns
    • Report appropriately
    • Respond immediately

Stake Holders

I listen and deliver for trusted stakeholders. My management style will depend on the quality (attitude and competencies) of associates.

A Good Start

Capable talents know that nothing is ever 100% from the start (unless we got lucky). Experience and commetment to intelligent delivery will get us to a good start (60-70%).

Decisions making

For me making decisions is easier when I know which stakeholder's interest I am going to prioritize. However, I have a habit of leaving room for future trade.

I can follow

I would serve any functional team like a good midfielder. I also end unproductive/pointless connections after giving a fair amount of time, consideration and investment.

London's Gabriel Topman


Please note: After seeing a pattern of output from time wasters and win-lose policyholders. I am inclined to abruptly end, cancel or re-arrange all circumstances expose me to becoming their victim.


I am not afraid of change because the survival/growth/status quo often depends on the decisions we are faced with. I don't allow inexperienced or less-competent people to mess me around and undermine intended results.

Positive & Forward

I am a strong believer in positive mental attitude. I frequently take time out to think critically about what I am putting out there and about all relationships and results. Productive and forward is my focus.