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Web Page Design: Want help designing a web page?

Let's face it, packaging and delivery is very important in marketing. Your webpage needs to load fast and it still needs to be beautiful enough to earn the respect of your client.

With your cooperation

A webpage that will sell

All you have to do is just answer a few questions and choose the images that really reflect the message you want to deliver and leave the rest to me.

  • Web Page Designed For Marketing
  • Web Page Optimized For SEO

Quality content should be established by results and not just my opinion. Here is a list of goals all sales-oriented webpage must achieve or be trying to achieve:

  1. Grab attention and keep it
  2. Gain interest a keep it
  3. The topic must be desirable
  4. Offer must be desirable
  5. Make your offer clear
  6. Make your call to action clear.

Now my simple explanation does not end there. Here are some technical things a website designer should know and a good webpage design must have:

  1. Loading speed
  2. Interactive and colours
  3. Relevant words and images
  4. Structure and design
  5. Security and legal compliance.