Website Design: Helped My Own Businesses.

Not for shortsighted people, time wasters and procrastinating benchwarmers. This website solution will manifest a website as the final product that does a lot more than show pretty curves and sweet words. It will contribute to your marketing mix, help your value chain process, establish your competitive position and hide your adds away from competition unless they happen to be doing the same things your customers are doing at that time.

My Own Business Website Design Portfolio

All the websites I designed over a period of time are according to trends and personal preferences of the client. But they all have the following things in common:

  1. User experience considered.
  2. They are search engine friendly and ready.
  3. Focussed on effective delivery, not noise.
Website Design

You will get a website that:

  1. Earns Google's Trust & referrals
  2. Earns your customers interest & action
  3. Serve as a lead generation tool
  4. Serve as a data processing tool
  5. Serve as a public manifesto
  6. Holds many things together
  7. Makes life easy for clients
  8. Makes doing business with you safer
  9. Gives undisputable clarity of purpose
  10. Gives assurance and drives results
  11. Automates appropriate things
  12. Helps establish packaging
  13. Helps break the ice
  14. Establish your competitive position
  15. Demonstrates my competence
  16. Attracts serious customers
  17. Attract great stuff like contracts/investments
  18. Doesn't work for stupid people.
  19. Doesn't work for dishonest people
  20. It is future proof.

A website designed to earn trust and authority.

I am Gabriel TopmanLet's face it, there are more shortsighted junks out there than the good stuff that ends up prooving productive and effective.

Sensible people use Google maps, Trust Pilot, Check A Trade and any other platform that helps them to find accountable and evidently credible vendor/agency/solutions provider.

The biggest problem is that people fail to differentiate their business well enough because someone has taught them SEO tricks. But 14 years experience has proven that strategic positioning key when customers have cause to do repeat business and keyword domains do better where customers tend to be very short-sighted.

Because I am trying to avoid short-sighted customers and diversify a little. My personal brand is the best way forward for me. It offers accountability and authenticity to my employers.


Thanks to quality advice and education of an Internet marketing business specialized mentor/coach. A Business degree and experience in call centre environment also helped and a lazy business partner (now gone) also helped. I was able to make an impression super smart senior executives who choose my man and van services over that of one thousand alternatives.



Why Bother?

1. Compliance with AI & legal requirement.

You get a website that Google's AI and the smart people regulating it will have no reason to reject or distrust.

2. Strategic focus on sensible clients

The fact of the matter is that smart business people know that trying to reach everyone leads to problems like jobs out of reach and customers that don't feel safe for many reasons that weak business people will have ignored.

3. Get a fair chance with a numbers game

After taking advice from the numerous number of sales experts and digital buying experts we will consider when reviewing your website content. Clear targeting will help us know who loves you and you can focus on them if you love them back.

4. Build your own business with confidence

You don't have to feel bad if less enlightened people fail to see that you are one of the best service providers in the area. We will stop using any platform that undermines our value for their selfish gains.