Global Money: Part 1: My understanding

  1. Currency is a token system.
  2. Currency strengths help trade.
  3. Focus on humanity, not greed.
  4. Focus on legacy, less on the vain things.
  5. Get your country to look after you.
  6. Build an environment you want to live in.
  7. Build an environment fair on them for future generations.
  8. No undermining/conflict needed.
  9. We are all accountable one way or another.
  10. We will all die eventually (legacy is essential).
  11. Enforcement is necessary.
  12. Compliance is wise.
  13. Wealth is possible for anyone to appropriate.
  14. Wealth is possible for everyone appropriate.
  15. Governments control money and powers.
  16. Governments set and impose appropriate.
  17. Wars destroy systems and powers
  18. Wars kill innocent people (not in government).
  19. WTO should be better used than things like the EU.
  20. Global currencies can make sense of using blockchains.
  21. If the current system no longer works change it.
  22. If you can't make it better, don't make it worse!
  23. Leaders invade other countries because of the lack of unity/agreement/trust.
  24. Why should ordinary people die for your dreams and ideals?
  25. Angry from the past: let go and embrace a different generation.
  26. Embrace a different leadership and school of thought.