Forward Outlook

Why playtime is important

My core values drive Forward Outlook Ltd:

Here are the motives that drive me.

  1. Feeling safe, stable and secure
  2. Having reasons to be grateful
  3. Having legitimate wealth
  4. Being needed by good people
  5. Living for committed people
  6. Desire to contribute productively
  7. Desire to justify my own existence

Effective Delivery

We make potentially stressful situations an experience that is less traumatic by:

  1. Being ready for the task at hand.
  2. Having a strong network.
  3. Focussing on the pain points.
  4. Solving the pain points.
  5. Getting things done effectively. 

Know-How and Timing

Right now: The best way forward is the one that addresses the most urgent aspect of our hierarchy of needs according to Maslow:

  1. Basics (Physiological) needs
  2. Safety and security needs
  3. Love /Belonging needs
  4. Esteem needs
  5. Self Mastery and awareness

Gabriel Topman has travelled up and down that hierarchy often enough to understand it.

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Resourceful Coodinator

Following the money and understanding who controls the decision to:

  • Dispatch available resource
  • Include and exclude 
  • To accept or enforce

Forward Outlook Limited and Gabriel Topman are the money magnets that smart people cannot resist. Instead of getting obsessed with money we are focussed on: 

  • Legacy how we will be remembered?
  • Growth - how to motivate and inspire?
  • Lifestyle - Is there peace and satisfaction in what we are doing now?
More about money
Serena Organtini and Gabriel Topman

Forward Outlook Ltd has priceless objectives: Not for profit management consultancy/ministry (not religious).

The Goal of Forward Outlook Limited is to centralize and simplify the admin process for a wide variety of specialized business services and end-user services that are coordinated by Gabriel Topman.

We are not an alternative to great membership clubs and networks like BNI, Chamber of Commerce and other professional networks.

We are just trying to facilitate not-for-profit activities that bring staunchest allies together. But that gathering will not be meaningless or mediocre; it will give us a chance to acknowledge, appreciate, reflect and celebrate the joys we have in common.