Right now, I am just giving the best value (including myself) for money: Consulting, asset ownership, rental, services and contract jobs are my chosen path to leveraging my skills.

Strategically Open and Self Preserving: My desire to live long and happy in abundance leads me to always flow with safe, peaceful and sustainable choices. But risk management and bravery are not lacking here.

Friendly/Trustworthy high achiever welcomed: Thanks to Audible by Amazon and Udemy, self-starters like me are enjoying the benefits of learning from people selling information/insights.

When I am not giving with tact, I am running my entire life as a fun and functional lifestyle business. Even my surname and my children's names are thoughtful, practical and purpose-driven for them.

A-Z of Internet marketing Apprentice (2006-2007): Completed nine months of weekly coaching/mentoring from a senior team member of the world's Internet Marketing Guru (as at 2006-7).

BA Business Studies Graduate and award winner (2006): I wasn't so hardworking but I was interested enough to attain a 2.1 Degree and a 1st place award in E-business planning competition.

  • I Get Things Done

    To keep a roof over my head and the head of those who depend on me. I am ready, motivated and capable of getting things done for those who can afford to pay me well enough to get my continuous commitment.

    If running a business/organisation is like a game of football: Then I am the midfielder that earned the following competencies:

    1. Getting hot leads via Google search and Maps.
    2. Coaching and holding teammates accountable.
    3. Strategically positioning for survival and growth.
    4. Adapting to changes and leveraging strengths.
    5. Learning, testing safely and managing risks.
    6. Hands-on, doing front line jobs happily.
    7. Leveraging strengths, assets and success.
    8. Seeking complementary skills.
    9. Scaling up with trusted associates.
    10. Scaling up systems, tools and assets.
  • I am happy with being a tool that support/enhance perfomance

    Some people hate similies or metaphoric expressions, but it helps us to understand things that are different but useful. The fact is that a focussed and harmonious set of skills and practice makes me a general management material that holds the following core competencies:

    • Google Maps marketing knowledge and experience
    • Google search ranking knowledge and experience
    • Website Design and Management Experience
    • Service Ordered fulfilment experience 
    • Managing capable and specialised people
    • Analysing and observing people, data and things
    • Listening to intelligent people that know their stuff
    • Testing acquired knowledge on my startups
    • Leveraging my competence by accepting short contract jobs
  • Unable To Act Under False Pretences

    After getting stung often enough to understand that assertiveness is not a bad thing. I realized that actions speak so much louder than words fakers will not like to held accountable. Some will twist and manipulate the situation but wise will reposition and avoid those people.

  • Do I fit a need that you value enough to pay me well?

    After earning a 2.1 degree in Business studies but missing the desired apprentice roles at Zurich, TFL and BT and not even getting considered by Shell. I simply chose to work on myself and test every knowledge and relationships fairly for accurate and dependable knowledge.