Dear Boris Johnson: Suggestion 1: Search engine as a public service

Controlling a search engine as part of public services will be a smart and highly effective thing to do for the following reasons:

1. Protect people from fraud/fake websites.
2. Control cost of reaching hot leads.
3. Protect children and vulnerable people.
4. Know your stakeholders better.
5. Guarantee authenticity online.
6. Enforce Accountability.
7. A border control measure (still open to Global trade)
8. Adopt what is working for others.
9. Differentiate slightly to be more liberal.
10. Leverage the system for global deals.

It has a trust factor attached, and it helps you to know how many people trust the UK Government more than independent search engine service providers.

Taxpaying businesses and owners will appreciate you and feel more obligated and commit.

Those who rise out of poverty with help from this fair and strategic use of a system already available will never forget your contribution.

We can leave social media alone as part of our democratic way of life, but search engine and maps are not social factors they are essential resources worth supporting in the way I have in mind.