Why playtime is important

Core Competencies

Psychometric test results: I have evolved into what the one-minute millionaire's personality profile describes as a Sage first and then a lover by nature.

The fact is I am privileged to:

  • Have web design skills
  • Have Packing experience
  • Be living well and free in London
  • Be a key person of influence
  • Keep current SEO skills
  • Keep ROI advertising skills
  • Know-how to get results
  • Know-how to live free
  • Own a very large van
  • Own a smart (hybrid) car
  • Hold street works licence
  • Hold working lifestyle business

My Personal Best

You know that feeling we all get when we have just achieved our personal best. Done something positive that we consider as:

  • Very Productive?
  • Just Productive?
  • Very Relaxing?
  • Just relaxed?
  • Very Rewarding?
  • Just Rewarding?

Since April 2014: Those emotions have been consciously managed with coaching and attention to make work feel good, and playtime feels very productive.

Here is my journey:

This story refers to the time I started taking responsibility for my career and life. It did not go without influence and disruption, but I committed to the task of discovering the Topman inside me.

  • BA Business graduate (2006)
  • 1st place in e-business planning (2006)
  • IM Guru's apprentice (2007)
  • Competence in on-page SEO(2007)
  • SEO and Web Designer (2007)
  • Billionaire's Apprentice 2008
  • SEO consultant by focus (2008)
  • Man and van service provider (2009)
  • Midlife crisis/randomnesses (2012-2013)
  • PPC At Marketing Agency (2012)
  • Bouncing back stronger (2015)
  • Improved web design skills (2015 -2020)
  • Addiction to audible by kindle (2018)
  • Certified business etiquette (2019)
  • Certified digital buyer (2019)
  • Matured lifestyle business (2020)
  • Certified life coach ( 2020)
  • Certified group coach (2020)
Gabriel Topman's Temperature

Right Now:

Right now, I am interested in getting involved and contributing to:

  • E-business planning
  • Website Design & SEO
  • Goods and item transfers
  • Group activities and transfers