Consider my reviews because

My Price:

  1. An experience I want to talk about.
  2. Zero or low cost to me (£500 max)
  3. Commercial benefits exist
  4. The purpose is positive
  5. The need is clear enough
  6. The inspired gain something
  7. My costs are covered.
  8. No backstabbing assignments.
  9. No greedy selfishness
  10. Sustainable outcomes

Facts Matter

Having enjoyed being described by my own mother as a straight forward person. Recognised by the people that gave me fair chances in life as honest to a fault.

Being the type of person to build on my own confirmed strengths and only scraping the believes and core values that are not working for me. I am now in a situation that requires me to only vouch for things I believe to be true (so help me God).

Buying me

While we all need money and accomplishments of some sort gives us a sense of self-worth. I am not easily bought with neither money or fancy titles. But Serena Organtini, Barzan and I were able to buy me with consistent choices that were congruent, sincere, kind and felt.

All purchases are subject to status. I accumulate points while starting everyone off based on the active listening and observation skills I am committed to using and earning. I then reflect on both myself and other people's choices to align myself appropriately.