Brexit: My current understanding

Please note that I am just a passive and neutral observer. My motives are:

  • Keeping a safe and adequate living arrangement.
  • I am contributing to a world that appears to want me.
  • Giving back to the system that I know, like and trust well enough to spend my free time thinking about and writing this for (without a mandate).

Brexit Vs EU is circumstantial not personal or competitive.

Brexit will not have happened if that network was not holding us back or posing a threat to the UK's prosperity and effectiveness (from an economic standpoint).

Here are the positives that lead me to stay neutral and silent until now that I know that something will have to happen or give way to change:

EU as an organisation should be an entity that protects the interest of countries and absorb, even clean up deficits by offering -3% interest rates.

But if the UK government are benefiting from it then why leave?

Free movement is not a strong point because we humans come with the cost of health, shelter, security, social and everything else that makes us human.

All we need is co-operative Governments that know how to pass on the bills based on which country takes responsibility for us.

Now, as a normal human being that is grateful to realise that UK government know what they are doing to an extent. Except for when they do things I don't understand or like like (I will not discuss here):

  • All I want is to do anything I can to contribute (like this article)
  • Encourage world governments to copy China's self-sufficient model to an extent.

My views:

  • Why not say no to the fairs and insecurities?
  • Why not keep a friend without controlling their house?

Does EU realise that that single currency thing is good for global trade but bad for local deals?

If the EU fails financially, another union like it can be formed to serve the same purpose.

Individual countries and the real people that are influenced by local authorities comes first.

If the EU will not fail, then why does it need to dispute worry and put barriers up because it fairs that other EU states will realise they are better off without it.

Note: EU can come up with radical reform that shows the UK how important we are and borrows Boris Johnson's ideas with the hope of making sure that Brexit no longer makes sense. But pride may come before the downfall of the condescending party.