More About London’s Gabriel Topman


  • Become a global brand that deserves trust.
  • Keep that position of trust with my life.
  • Earn a congruent income sustainably.
  • Be a good example for Global commerce.
  • Manifest the best of me in line with circumstances.


Contribute and give back as consistently as possible. Particularly to organisations and individuals that have directly and indirectly shown me love, kindness, loyalty, mercy, genuine support and tolerance in spite of my human imperfections.

The Journey - so far

As at 09/1992, I found myself wanting to contribute and the only answer I found back then was to have Bill Gates of Microsoft as the hero I respect because of the good I naively believed the status of world richest can help me achieve.

I needed a reason to live, stay out of trouble and hopefully make a big difference to the corrupted world I found myself in so I nurtured that goal and felt the pain of not being able to add great value throughout my childhood.

Why playtime is importantWanting to do great and positive things in life is all well and good. But being positioned, prepared and empowered to do so and do it well is the level of understanding I have today.

The need for unstoppable personal development and discovery of my own self-worth was mixed with fear of failure and then with risk analysis to establish the best root to take with consideration of my evolving SWOT.

Thinking, learning and practise time and a little bit of playtime are the routine that makes me a reliable person to work with.

By July 2006, a 1st place award in E-business planning and the deeply felt gut instinct about the power of the internet from a strategic marketing and business operation perspective lead me down the path I am on today.

Self-help books that impact my behaviour and choices today:

  1. "The road less stupid"
  2. "Fooled by randomness"
  3. "So why aren't you rich?"
  4. "How to be lucky"
  5. "How to get rich"
  6. "Think and grow rich"
  7. "Just listen"
  8. "The speed of trust"
  9. "Enterprise value"
  10. "The missing secrete"
  11. And many other books.

Courses that helped me to realize why I was losing money

  • Digital Marketing Labs broke my fear of losing money
  • A to Z of Internet Marketing by The Internet Marketing Centre


My goal is to turn £1.5 billion non-liquid assets into a liquid asset so that I can deliver on that dream of giving real hope to the future generation by inspiring honesty, integrity and giving culture instead of banking on a £1.5 million guaranteed funds secured for my children alone.

Since January 2007, I have been consistently focussed on securing the future I hoped for without falling victim to other human's selfish tendencies. I focussed on myself not other people and worked on:

  • ROI focussed SEO and SEM.
  • DIY website design and graphics.
  • Sustainable sales and delivery.
  • Strategic alliances and affiliates.

I failed fast

The biggest problem I faced was in my head and other people's head. I didn't know myself well enough and I didn't know how to effectively deliver the message and value proposition that was going to lead to the job satisfaction I really wanted.

And what I did know for sure based on an unusual investment in high ticket books and coaching programmes were antagonized by the people so close to me that isolation was the norm.

Bounced back

After the worst betrayal, dilutions were no longer justifiable to me. I started adopting a frank, sincere and practical reflection and observative culture for myself. Luckily I had Maslow's hierarchy of needs and over 200 UK university-level books in my head to help me put things into an educated and enlightened perspective.

But it was thinking time and observation skills that truly lead to the decision to go back to the good start and push it forward.

Now I realize that I am the key result driver.

I am not perfect: just working on me 1st before taking on other problems.

Yes working on me means books, observation, reflection and persevering effort. More people than I would like have misunderstood me and not everyone will like a self-made individual that does the things they either cannot do or have decided not to do well enough. But those who try and appreciate good effort love me.

Commitment to investigating good and sincere opportunities including learning opportunities is what I embraced.

This website was created to stop the time-wasting caused by incompetent managers and decision-makers who are so low in confidence that they accidentally ask someone with a vested interest to assess my skills. The way you discover me and the solid evidence I will include here should give smart decision-makers all the proof they need to make a fair decision.



I personally know how hard it is to get rid of a bad and unfair review but I depend on those bad reviews to do my risk assessment without assuming that the negative feedback they received is the absolute and only accurate view of what can happen or has happened.


So I decided to register myself with the hardest one to cheat - TrustPilot. And I strategically use the popular in your face tool provided by Google. 


Things that will not be entertained here

  • Blame for other people's shortcomings.
  • Bully tactics of all types.
  • Passive tactics that cause damage.
  • Aggressive tactics that cause damage.

Committed to learning

Quality education and life experiences have taught me the value of being assertive even if passive and aggressive people consider that action to be unwise. This point does not mean I have not made mistakes of being aggressive and passive based on lack of knowledge and understanding of the situation I found myself in in the past.

The mistakes I made only confirmed the needs that lead me to reflect objectively and assertively. Even if the fault is on me and trusted associates or resources.

My approach to learning is to first look within and blame myself or just freeze to see clearly. Then put a stop to the real and eminent cause of the problem as I currently see fit.

I will, however, commit to only letting my actions match my words after careful re-consideration.