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Gabriel Topman Describes His Service

Commercial Agent | Manager

As human into personal development and productive life. Commercial management of properties or works on a building has become an area of interest because I have found myself managing and turning around a few assets.


About me

  • Good&Co is right about me.
  • I am committed to sustainable results.
  • Self-started and improving since 1992.
  • Responsible for all my choices since 2001.
  • I am successful in human standards.
Serena Organtini and Gabriel Topman

After doing plenty of research, analysing and self-checking. Gabriel Topman decides to focus on helping Organisations in the Financial sector with the task of turning around commercial investments that have been failing for some time and hand-on managing the projects to the levels capable of delivering ROI or reduced losses.


I am Gabriel TopmanThe grace/chances that manifested as I either expected, hoped-for, nurtured or sustainably grabbed is the reason Gabriel Topman exist today. The journey is helped by good people that understand their role and my own role in the situation that connected us.


I really appreciate all my customers. Some of the Big brands that trusted and chose the businesses I developed and represented been featured above.